Friday, March 26, 2010

Top free troubleshooting tools for Windows | Windows - InfoWorld

No computer runs perfectly forever. Somewhere along the line, something will go wrong. While each successive version of Windows has been that much more reliable and self-healing, that's never been an argument to forgo a good collection of software tools.

Over the years a serious amount of troubleshooting apps created by smart computer minds have proven their value again and again. Such apps should be installed in your computers for your protection and to help you keep your computer in good health. If something goes wrong you can use such app tools to set things right again. All of them are free for personal use, therefore why not installing them in your machine?

Mr. Serdar Yelgulalp of INFOWORLD, writes a very good essay concerning such apps, which I srongly suggest you readers visit and take advantage, by downloading those apps that might be the most helpful for your particular situation.

Just click or copy/paste to your browser the following address and you'll be in business.

George Freire

Top free troubleshooting tools for Windows Windows - InfoWorld

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