Friday, March 19, 2010

Desktop PC Buying Guide: The Specs Explained

Dear readers,

I know that some of you are right now thinking in buying a new PC or Laptop, because the computer you now own is about ready to die on you.

Buying a new computer in this day and age is somewhat confusing especially for those of you not too familiar with what is inside the machine and really what is possibly the best configuration for your needs.

No reason to spend a bunch of money for something you don't need, nor to be too frugal and not get what is best for you.

The following write-up by Mr. Nate Ralph of PC World is quite revealing and I am sure it will help you make a decision on what to buy. Just click on the following address or just copy and paste to your browser. It is very good advice.

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George Freire

Desktop PC Buying Guide: The Specs Explained

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Luis Nabais said...

Hi George!
I would like something like this about netbook.
Thinking to buy, but confused .
Luis Nabais

George Freire said...

Caro Luis,

I'm not surprised that you are a litle confused about "netbooks".

There are so many brands available, most computer manufacturers offer their own design, but in the end... most netbooks are nearly identical, which makes picking out the right one that much more difficult.

I investigated this subject, just to answer your question and came across a review manual by Chris Guthrie of "", that I think will be of help to you in selecting the right little machine you need.

Luis, you can communicate with me in Portuguese if you want, but your English is so good that I think you don't need to...

If you read my blog frequently, may i suggest that you join the list of followers?

Thanks for your comments, I will e-mail a transcription of the manual to you because it is too long to be published as a comment.

George Freire