Tuesday, April 28, 2009



Check this out from PC World, sent to me by email. I have not tried it because I'm leaving on my vacation tomorrow morning and I have to pack, but judging from prior stuff from PC World, it must be good!

See you all after the 15th of May.

George Freire

Today's Picks:April 24th, 2009
Runes of MagicVersion: 2.2File Size: 343KBPrice: FreeOperating Systems: Windows XP, Vista
Runes of Magic is something almost unique in the world of free-to-play MMORPGs: It would be worth paying money to play this game. To a large extent, Runes of Magic is a clone, or at least a close relative, of World of Warcraft. Runes of Magic is a "free to play" game, but that does not mean the company is running it as a charity. Runes of Magic is what is known as an "Item Shop" game, where you can exchange real-world money for in-game currency, which you then use to buy virtual items from the item shop.--Ian Harac
Read more and download this software:Runes of Magic

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Go to this web site and get amazed:

Write any sentence and select any language you want to translate it to, whatever it may be!

The girl in the picture or the fellow, (you can select your characters), will speak the translated sentence in the language you selected in no time flat!

The sentence can also be written in any language and the girl or the fellow will translate it in spoken English or English American, the choice is yours.

It is very entertaining, try it.

You must copy and paste the above address to your browser.

Have fun,


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'll be away for a couple of weeks...

Friends, I'll be away for a short two week vacation from April 29 to May 15.

In order to give you some interesting stuff to experiment with, and... submerge yourselves in better computer opperating knowledge..., starting today and in the days to come until next Tuesday, I'll post a bunch of good information, which I hope you all will enjoy.

Thanks for your support in keeping this Blog going. Since its inception in December 2008, I have had over 600 visitors. Thank you, for if I did not have visitors like you, I would just close the Blog down and entertain myself with something else.

For your information, it takes a lot of work investigating, reading and composing, in order to bring you all this stuff. I have nothing to gain but my own satisfaction for bringing good and enjoyable reading for you computer users.

I would hope that once in a while some of you would just post some comments, whatever they may be. It is easy, just click "comments" and take it from there.

Thanks again,

George Freire

"How to Improve Windows Vista's Performance"

More from PC WORLD:

Just about every week I get emails from PC WORLD with wonderful stuff.

Are you frustrated with slowness of WINDOWS VISTA, after you have been working with it for some time? Go to the following site and watch a video from PC WORLD that will advise you what to do about it:

Copy and paste the above address into your browser and enjoy the video.

George Freire

"How to Start Up Your PC Faster"

PC WORLD is a wonderful source of good information.

This week they sent me an email with some useful stuff that you can see on the following site:

Copy and paste the above into your browser and whatch a video that will give you good advice on how to get your computer to start up faster.


George Freire


Both WINDOWS XP and VISTA have vast hidden commands and functions which are in most part unknown to many of you readers of this blog.
Today I'm going to show you some of these "secrets", which will make your computer work better and faster.
Like everything else, if you proceed to optimize your computer by following the suggestions herein, make sure to do it step by step and read the instructions carefully.

1- Lots of visual effects cost valuable computer power. You can tone down the visual effects on WINDOWS XP by going to Control Panel/System and under the "Advanced" tab disable "visual effects" to free up valuable computer power.
On WINDOWS VISTA, go to System Properties, click "Advanced" tab, then "Performance settings" tab and under "Visual Effects" click "Adjust for Performance" button and then OK.

2- When using an alternative firewall, which in most cases are better the WINDOWS firewall, such as Norton or other security programs, it is highly recommended to disable the WINDOWS firewall, otherwise the two firewalls operating at the same time may slow down the system or even make it inoperable.

3-Every time there is a crash or program error, WINDOWS saves a "memory dump" in a file called "MEMORY.DMP" under the installation directory, (e.g. C:\Windows). In order to free disk space, this file can be deleted without a problem.

4- WINDOWS can significantly slow down its own start as it searches for shared files, folders and printers. In WINDOWS EXPLORER, you can go to "TOOLS/Folder Options/View" and disable the feature "Automatically search for network folders and printers".

5- WINDOWS XP has a command that lets you verify and restore critical system files if necessary. Type the command "sfc /scannow" under the "Start/Run. WINDOWS XP will check through the system files and automatically replace any damaged files. (It might sometimes ask you to insert the WINDOWS CD when doing this).

6- When WINDOWS VISTA is first installed and in most cases also in a new computer just purchased, there is no "Run" command in the "START" menu. If you want to have this command available, (and I recommend you should have it available), go to "Control Panel", choose "Task bar and Start Menu Properties", go to the "Start Menu" tab, click "Customize" find and check the option "Run Command" and then click OK and OK again.

7-Did you know that you can download WINDOWS VISTA and test it for a period of 30 days, without having to buy it? Well you can do it and extend that period to 120 days! How?
Log on as Administrator, go to "All Programs/Accessories" and right click on "Command Prompt". Select "Run as Administrator", then type in the command "slmgr.vbs-rearm".
You can do this up to 3 times!

8- WINDOWS indexes nearly all files and folders used during work flow on the system. Those who can do without this feature, can go into "My Computer", right click on the drive in question, (normally drive C:), choose "Properties", then uncheck the option "Allow Indexing Service to Index This Disk for Fast File Searching".

That's it for today. From time to time I'll come up with more secrets, (there are so many that it will take a life time...)


George Freire

Saturday, April 11, 2009

STILL TASTY, Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide - Save Money, Eat Better, Help The Environment


Get the answers for thousands of items

Go to:

Copy and paste the above web address and it will bring you to a site that will tell you how thousands of products will last and can be safely consumed.

Happy Easter from George Freire

Monday, April 6, 2009

What is DiskDigger?

DiskDigger can recover files from any type of media that your computer can read. This includes USB flash drives, memory cards (SD, CompactFlash, Memory Stick, etc), and of course your hard drive. The types of files that it recovers includes photos, videos, music, documents, and other formats.

DiskDigger works by thoroughly scanning each sector of your media for traces of files. This has some advantages and disadvantages (read on to find out).

You may find DiskDigger useful if…

you deleted one or more photos from a memory card by accident, and want them restored.
you deleted one or more photos from a memory card on purpose, but now want them restored.
you deleted some documents from your USB flash drive, and want to recover them.
you came across an old hard drive of yours (or someone else’s) that’s been reformatted, and would like to see what its previous contents were.
you’re just curious about what old deleted photos (or other files) are still present on your memory cards.
DiskDigger is also a work in progress. This means that new features will be added very frequently, including support for more file formats, more configuration options, etc., so check back for updates.

All this for free!

Go to:

You must copy and paste the above address to go to the proper site.

Have fun,

Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector

Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector. The Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector is a powerful tool for managing and troubleshooting the Wi-Fi on a Windows XP or Vista laptop.

This free software is very powerful, especially if you use your laptop in many different places as you travel. It helps you find the best available WI FI sources in a split of a second.

To download and learn more about this useful free software go to:

George Freire

Tools for Your Virtual Office From Hassle-Free PC

Never ending good stuff from PC World:

Rick Broida, PC World

Create a 'Yellow Highlighter' Effect in Your Screenshots
Have you ever wondered how I'm able to create that "yellow highlighter" effect in screenshots, like the one in a recent Hassle-Free blog post? Really, you have? Wow, you need to get out more.
Actually, it's pretty handy little effect, great for calling out key areas of a business document or even certain photos. To apply it, all you need is one of my all-time favorite tools: IrfanView.
This freeware image editor offers quick-and-easy cropping, resizing, rotating, and special effects. It can open just about any image format known to humankind and save to just about any other format.
Plus, it's a tiny program that loads in an instant and consumes very little RAM. And did I mention that it's free? Here's how to create the highlighter effect:
Open the image you want to modify.
Draw a box around the area you want to highlight. (It needs to have a white background if the effect is to work properly.) If necessary, resize the box by dragging any of its four sides.
Select Image, Color corrections (or press Shift-G).
In the Color balance section, click the B slider and drag it all the way to the left.
Presto! Everything in your box should turn a bright, highlighter yellow. Now just save the image (giving it a different name if you want to preserve the original) and you're done.
Make Paper Documents Digital Without a