Saturday, January 19, 2013

Turn your flash drive into a portable PC survival kit

I got this from PCWorld and I think some of  you will take advantage and create your own flash drive portable survival kit.

 All the web apps in the world won’t help you when your PC breaks down or falls prey to a particularly nasty piece of malware and refuses connect to the Internet. A properly loaded USB drive, on the other hand, can be a machine saver. And when your grandma calls with a dire PC emergency, you'll be glad to have an always-ready "ninja drive" to slip into your pocket as you run out the door.

This can be very very useful indeed.

As soon as I finished reading this article, I immediately created my own flash drive survival kit.
You don't have to load all the applications shown, just select those that you think will be of help to you and go. The following link will take you to the web page. Just click or copy paste to your browser:


George Freire