Thursday, April 28, 2011

Problems with "Windows Live Mail 2011"

As you all know, (those of you who switched to Windows 7 either by upgrading or buying a new computer), the old "Outlook Express" email program, used by so many, was not included in the Windows 7 version.

At the time in 2010 Windows 7 made its appearance, Microsoft suggested that a new programs similar to Outlook Express, as well as Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Movie Maker, could be downloaded and installed from a new site "Windows Live Essentials".

I as well as many of you followed the advice and did just that.

The mail program that was available at the time was "Windows Live Mail 2010" which was indeed very good, friendly and very similar, (but better), to the old Outlook Express mail program.

I was happy and had no problems with this program. THEN Microsoft, after a few months started advertising and pushing for us to replace Windows Live Mail 2010 with the new version, (much much better, they said), Windows Live Mail 2011.

Naturally, I followed the advice, and replaced the 2010 version with the 2011 version. BIG MISTAKE ! It is complicated to operate, has very little help available, is kinda hard when handling new mail contacts, setting up new categories, etc. etc.

I have been so frustrated that I tried to find a way to go back to the friendly and easy to operate version 2010. That was not an easy task, but finally, a few days ago I found the answer in a blog, and here is what you have to do if you want to go back to Windows Live Mail 2010:

1- You first must remove the "Windows Live Essentials" which contains the new versions:

Click on "Start", click on Control Panel, go to "Uninstall a Program" and click on it.

Go to almost the bottom of the list of programs shown, and click on "WINDOWS LIVE ESSENTIALS", then click on the "Uninstall Button".

An Uninstall wizard will walk you though the steps. UNINSTALL ALL components under

After un-installation restart your computer.

Now we need to install the older 2010 version. Here is how you do it:

1- Go to IE and type the following address:

2- Click on the blue download button on this site. Note that the program name you are downloading is wlsetup-web.exe.

3- Save the program on your desktop or downloads folder.

4- Return to your desktop or downloads folder and click on the file wlsetup-web.exe, that you just have saved.

5- A screen opens and you will have several programs available to install. Select those you want, but be sure that you check MAIL and click install.

That's it, the older version of Windows Live Mail 2010 is now again in your computer. You may now want to pin the program to your task bar. Go to Start/All Programs and scroll down to Windows Live Folder. Right click on Windows Live Mail and pin to task bar.

Please notice that nothing will change as far as your address book and other settings are concerned.

I now have the 2010 version and I am very happy again with my email program.

For those of you who use gmail, hotmail and other programs, you can also integrate those to Windows Live mail 20120 if you want.

I hope I have rescued some of you from the bad, bad boy WLM2011!

George Freire


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