Thursday, March 18, 2010

I would very much like to get stories of problems you have had with your computers or... just what you have done to fix them, or... just ask me!

Hey guys and girls who read my blog, please, please, post your experiences, problems, solutions you have had, (even funny stuff with nothing to do with computing), etc.etc.

This blog will be a lot more interesting if you post your comments, questions, even funny stuff you have experienced in your daily "relationship" with your computer.

All you have to do is click "comments" below and just tell us all your experiences.

I put a lot of time trying to get this blog helpful and interesting for all. Your contributions will be a great addition.

Para os nossos visitantes de Portugal, façam os vossos comentarios em Portugues se assim quizerem.

Thanks e obrigado



Harry S said...

Hey George..
lately my notebook (vista 32bit w/dual/core pentium) has been running a good bit slower than in the past. I have used oi bit, ashampoo etc. to perhaps clean it up a bit, with no success.. I went through the config utility and found a ton of "services" most "running" and some "stopped". also in the startup tab there are a LARGE number of pgms. I don't recognize, most from MS but others from various authors.. My Q is: Is there a proscribed/recommended set of "start-up"/"services" settings? I suspect this plethora of things running consuming resources may be the culprit.. What do you think ??

Harry S

George Freire said...


Please read the post have just published concerning your question.