Saturday, March 27, 2010

Photo Vacuum Packer

Here is a great free program which not only can eliminate all duplicate pictures you have in your computer, (and who doesn't?), but can also improve the quality of the original pictures that remain after the "cleaning". I for instance found more than 300 duplicates in my hard drive. How did they get there? I don't really know but I suspect that many times, when you transfer pictures from your digital camera via USB cable or simply use a memory reader for the transferring, somehow duplicates are "created" without us knowing.

Mr Preston Gralla of PC World explains how this program works:

"Is your PC's hard disk clogged with massive photos? Then you'll want to give the free Photo Vacuum Packer a try. It reduces the size of photos without significantly affecting their quality, freeing up hard disk space. In addition, it hunts down duplicate photos, and deletes them, to save even more space.

Photo Vacuum Packer is exceptionally easy to use. Tell the program to look in a folder that contains your photos. It then looks for duplicates, examining the actual contents of photos, not just file names, to find copies. It lists all duplicates, and will delete them if you want.

After that, Photo Vacuum Packer shrinks all the photos, giving you the option to choose whether you want to keep image fidelity as high as possible (which leads to larger files), or to be more aggressive, and shrink files even more. In my tests, on the more aggressive setting, it reduced seven photos by a total of 13 MB--from 18 MB down to 5 MB.

Although Photo Vacuum Packer does an excellent job, you may want to give FILEminimizer Pictures a try as well. I found that FILEminimizer shrank files more than Photo Vacuum Packer did. However, FILEminimizer is shareware and costs $35 to register, while Photo Vacuum Packer is free. So if you're looking for a free way to shrink photos, Photo Vacuum Packer is the way to go. "

--Preston Gralla

If you want to download this useful program and install it in your computer just click the following address or just copy and paste to your browser:,83225/description.html?tk=nl_ddx_h_dlfeat

The program has a very compreensive help file that explains how the program operates.

Let me know how you enjoy this app.

George Freire

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