Saturday, July 25, 2009


There are out there in the web many good free tools you can download to help you get your Windows OS, (be it XP or Vista), out of trouble and humming fast again.

It is hard to believe how such good quality and performance software can be available free of charge but it is.

Today I'm going to show you how you can download a few of these good programs and a short synopsis of what each of them can do for you.

I have personally downloaded in my three computers and after several weeks of trying them out, I can tell you they are worth having. Of course this does not mean that each one of you readers will need all these programs, however, there will come a time that most of you could use them all.

Each program can be downloaded from the web site addresses outlined here, all you have to do is click on the web addresses shown.

PC DECRAPIFIER: The PC Decrapifier is a program designed to remove or uninstall a specific list unwanted software in an unattended fashion. It can be used to clean off most of the annoying software that is typically shipped with newer PCs. The PC Decrapifier will uninstall many of the common and annoyances found on many of the PCs from big name OEMs.

CCLEANER: CCleaner is a freeware system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. Additionally it contains a fully featured registry cleaner. But the best part is that it's fast (normally taking less than a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware! :)
(In my opinion this is one of the best utility programs available for cleaning and optimizing your computer).

BELARC ADVISOR: The Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, missing Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status, CIS (Center for Internet Security) benchmarks, and displays the results in your Web browser. All of your PC profile information is kept private on your PC and is not sent to any web server.
(This is one of the utilities I use just about every week because it provides me information on what is going on in my computer, in great detail I might add, like no other program).

I have many more programs to tell you about, but for this week the above is enough to keep you busy for a while.

I would appreciate your feed back and experience with the above. All you have to do is post a simple comment in the "Comments Screen" right at the left top of the blog.

Thanks and have a fun weekend.

George Freire

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Windows 7 comes loaded with great gadgets, one of them is a Scientific calculator that will operate in 4 different modes:


This is a really serious calculator that can be used by students, professional people and the like. You would possibly pay more than one hundred dollars for a hand held calculator capable of doing what this one does. It also comes with templates that can figure many different calculation from mortgage payments to statistical calculations.

Well you can download and install it free on your computer. Just copy and paste the following web address on your browser and you are in business.

Enjoy it.

George Freire

Monday, July 13, 2009


Today I bring you a very very neat program, recommended by our friends at PC World, (again they always have something real good ), which on top of it all is free!!!

"Here's a quick and easy way to juice up system performance--and it's free as well. Advanced SystemCare Free (formerly Advanced WindowsCare Personal) has all the basic tools you'll need for speeding up your system, and is exceedingly easy to use. It even includes a one-click fix in which the program does an analysis and then fixes any problems it finds.
Most useful are the startup manager, which shows you all the programs that run on startup, and lets you kill any you no longer want to start; a Registry fixer, that fixes invalid or incorrect Registry entries and values; and a system optimizer, which alters the way Windows runs, in order to improve performance. There are a slew of other tools as well, such as a spyware remover, junk file cleaner, and privacy sweeper. And there are also some very good tools for showing details about your hardware and software configuration.
Bear in mind that the Advanced SystemCare Free will install the Yahoo Toolbar by default, so if you don't want it installed, make sure to uncheck the box during installation.
--Preston Gralla"

Among many good reviews concerning this program, here is one that caught my eye:

"The program does alone what requires four or more programs to do. It is very quick, and most effective for a wide variety of needs. Defrags,System check, disc check,privacy check, spy ware removal, registry fix, junk file removal,connection and system optimizer, short cut fixer, and the list goes on. This is the best all in one utility out there. Use it in addition to your firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. It is a one click system to do so much. Doing a Disk Check can take a long time on a reboot through the normal system. Doing it with Advanced System Care is amazingly fast. "

To download this program go to:,64954-order,4-c,systemresourcestuneup/download.html

Enjoy and use it. It will keep your computer running fast and longer without problems.

George Freire

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Here are some tips that will help everyone make their computers work better and faster:

-Windows can significantly slow down its own start as it searches for shared files, folders and printers. In Windows Explorer, you can go to "Tools-Folder Options-View" and disable the feature "Automatically Search For Network Folders and Printers". This will make your start faster.

-Whenever there is a crash or error, Windows saves a memory dump in a file called "Memory.Dump" under the installation directory, (e.g. C;\Windows). This file can be deleted without any problems resulting. This will free disk space that you might need.

-When using an alternate firewall solutions, such as those available in virus protection programs such as Norton and many others, it is recommended to disable the Windows Firewall, otherwise there will be interference between the two firewalls. To do this, go to "Control Panel-Network Connections", open up the connection you use and choose "Advanced-Internet Connection Firewall", (or Windows Firewall , after SP2), and turn it off.

-Lots of visual effects cost valuable computing power and in most cases they loose their luster after a few days...
You can ton down the visual effects by going to "Control Panel/System", under the "Advanced" tab and disabling them to free up valuable computer power.
In Windows Vista, go to "System Properties, click "Advanced " tab, "Preference Settings" tab and under "Visual Effects" click "Adjust for Performance" button and then click OK.

-When Vista is first installed, or on new computers, there is no "Run" command visible in the start menu. If you want it to show there, which is a good thing, go to Control Panel, choose "Task Bar and Start Menu Properties", go to the "Start Menu" tab, click "Customize...", find and check the option "Run Command" and then click OK again.

Windows XP has a command that lets you restore critical system files if necessary. Click "Start/Run" and then type the command "scf/scannow". Windows XP will check through the system files and automatically replace any damaged files. (It may ask you in some instances to insert the Windows CD or the restore CD that came with the computer when doing this.

For today this is it. I hope the above will be of help for your good computing.

George Freire

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Use FENCES, your DESKTOP will change for the better

Fences is a program that helps you organize your desktop, and can hide your icons when they're not in use. It's FREE for personal use, so try it out today, and change how you use your desktop forever!

All you have to do is to click on the following address and pronto, you can download this useful software.

George Freire


Today, as I have done so many times, for your enjoyment, I bring you more good stuff from our friends at PC World :

Ever wonder why program windows aren't transparent? AeroPeek fixes that. To use this freebie, click to activate it and then again to deactivate. Your open windows turn see-through, allowing you to see the desktop behind them. Of course, you can always tap Windows-D to minimize all open windows (then again to restore them), but what fun is that?
Note: This program is donationware. It is free to try, but the author accepts and encourages donations towards further development.
--Rick Broida

In order to download this interesting and useful easy to manage and free software, just click on the following address and puff, you are there:,78519/description.html?tk=nl_ddx_h_dlfeat


George Freire