Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Karen's Directory Printer

Here is a review of this interesting application by Mr. Preston Gralla of PC World:

"Ever since the dawn of Windows, there's been no way to print out a list of every file in a folder, nor one to print out a folder name. Over the years, people have come up with a variety of hacks to get around the problem, and many of them require you to do things like editing the Registry. There's a much simpler solution: Get the free Karen's Directory Printer.

Karen's Directory Printer gives you an enormous amount of control over printing out lists of files and folders. You can either include or exclude a wide variety of information about files, such as file size, name, date it was created, date it was last accessed, and so on. You also have similar choices about printing folder information. You can also sort the files and folders for printing in any way you want. And it's exceptionally easy to do all of it. Anyone who has ever wante
d to print out a file list or folder list will want this one. It's donationware, which means that it's free but the author also accepts donations."

I have not tried it yet, but will do this week-end. I think it is worth exploring. To download and install go to:,71403/description.html?tk=nl_ddx_h_dlfeat

I hope you will take advantage of it.

George Freire

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