Tuesday, August 9, 2011

SPECKIE Browser Spell Checker It Is Great !!!

Again, my friends, this comes from my favorite computer magazine, PCWorld with comments from my favorite tech writer Mr. Rick Broider:

Among the many reasons I'm partial to Firefox is that Mozilla's browser has long offered a built-in spell checker. (Not that I need it, of course--we payd riters learnt gud speling in skool.) Internet Explorer, even in its latest release, doesn't do bad spellers any favors. Thankfully, there's Speckie, a free Internet Explorer add-on that provides real-time spell checking.

After installing Speckie--which, incidentally, is compatible with all versions of Windows and all versions of Internet Explorer (including 9)--it immediately starts working, underlining any misspelled word with a squiggly red line. To see suggested correct spellings, just right-click the word.

If English isn't your primary language, you'll be glad to know that Speckie comes with a whopping 24 dictionaries, with languages ranging from Croation to Vietnamese.

Bottom line: if you're an Internet Explorer user who needs a spell-checker for e-mail, Web forms, and other browser-based activities, Speckie gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

--Rick Broida

For those of you who use IE this utility is a must. You can download and install this useful utility by clicking the following link:

It installs very quickly and starts working on the spot.

For my visitors from overseas countries, take notice that you can add plug-ins for just about any language in this world !!

Once installed, click "tools" on your browser menu bar and look for "Speckie Settings". This opens another browser window where you can set up your own preferences and add any number of language plug-ins.

George Freire

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