Friday, August 19, 2011

Protect Infections by Viruses, Spyware and Unwanted Sneaky Software in Your Computer

We all know what "malware" can do to your computer. It can raise havoc, frustrations, sluggish operation, crashes etc., etc.

If you are like me, you of course have some good protection in the form of anti virus, anti fishing, anti everything... software installed. Sometimes though, a sneaky invader finds its way, because you possibly downloaded some suspicious program, opened an attachment to your e-mail or what have you.

Today I am going to introduce to you a simple tool created by Microsoft that scans your computer for viruses, spyware and unwanted software and removes any of the above when it is found. This tool has three levels of scanning: Quick, Full and Customized, each taking more or less time to run.

This tool, "Microsoft Safety Scanner" expires after 10 days after downloading. In order to re-run another scan after the 10 days, to include the latest anti malware definitions, you will have to download the utility again and start a new scan.

How to download? click on the following link and that is all you have to do. I suggest that you save the setup file in your documents folder or bookmark the page:

George Freire


Santos Oliveira said...

Bom trabalho, George.


Santos Oliveira

Anonymous said...

Caro Santos Oliveira,

Obrigado pelo comentario.

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