Monday, August 2, 2010


My latest post talked about the most common problem areas experienced by those who ask me for help. Today I'll discuss # 1:

1-"My computer is so slow that I have to boot it long before I am ready to use it!"

This one is in most cases, (assuming that you have a decent anti virus program installed therefore no virus or other pestilent attacks are involved, ), is quite simple to handle:

There are many reasons why a computer may run slow, however, in 90% of the cases the main culprits are fragmented hard drives, a registry full of junk entries left over from deleted programs, downloads etc. and of course lots of junk and temporary files left over in the hard drive itself.

The longer you own the computer and take no action to handle the above situations, the worse it becomes, to the point that it may take many minutes just to boot, open a program or go to the Internet.

How can we take action? In most cases defragmenting the hard drive and cleaning up the registry will do the trick. Windows has a defragmentation program that is not too bad, but very very slow operating. There are much better programs that you can install free of charge that do an excellent job.

I use such programs that I install in my friends' computers, run them and presto a miracle takes place. My two favorite programs are "Advanced System Care" and "Defraggler",( which by the way I have recommended in older posts in this blog). Today we will discuss "Advanced System Care".

"Advanced System Care" can be downloaded from:

Clicking on the above address opens a website showing a green button "Download now free".
Downloading and installing is automatic and simple to do. Once installed the program screen shows 4 choices:

HOME - Shows the welcome screen with an overview of program version, last scan, statistics etc. This is for info only.

DIAGNOSE SYSTEM- This is the choice you must start with. It diagnoses the following:

System Optimization, Security Defence, Disk Defragment and Security Analyzer; click "scan"; if there are problems on any of the above, it tells you right away, click "repair" and pronto all will be well again.

MAINTAIN WINDOWS- After diagnosing the system, go to this choice. It will handle the following:

Spy ware Removal, Registry Fix, Privacy Sweep and Junk Files Clean; click "scan" and the program will identify any problems on the 4 above categories. Click "repair" and all problems found will be repaired and fixed in no time flat.

UTILITIES- This choice covers 3 sections, "Tuneup Tools", "Security" and "Administrative Tools". Each of these sections has many, many tools which are simple to use and almost self explanatory.

This program alone can get your computer rejuvenated and keep it in top shape. All you have to do is to run it at least once a week.

On my next post I'll discuss the program "Defraggler".

I hope the above will be of great help to some of you...

George Freire

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