Sunday, August 1, 2010


As you know, many friends, (and friends of friends whom I never had met), call me quite often for help concerning their computer problems.

Most of the help they need falls into the following problem categories as explained by them :

1-"My computer is so slow that I have to boot it long before I am ready to use it!"

2-"All of a sudden I cannot boot my computer up, I have given up!"

3-"Yesterday my computer was working great but when I started it this morning, a message popped up, saying that the computer had been attacked by a virus.

Now I am not able to open any programs because the starting files have been corrupted. (This even includes opening the control panel and other Windows programs such as accessories and most important Windows System Tools, which incorporates System Restore.

However, the pop up message also tells me that a Virus Program "so and so", (If I click on the button), will scan the computer and find the culprit viruses.

I have done that, then the Virus Program "so and so" advises me that if I buy the program with a credit card, (normally in the$29.00 to $49.00 range), it will remove the viruses and all will be normal again..."

4- I use a pass word in my computer because I'm afraid that other people will be looking at my stuff. But gee! I forgot the pass word, I did not write it down, but I think it is bla, bla bla; I have tried them all but nothing works. I am locked out and I can't access all my financial information, word files, pictures, music files etc. etc. I am desperate!"

5- (Less frequently) " My computer will not start, I think my hard drive is a goner, (and in most instances it is), what am I to do? I have some files backed up, but all my programs and my OS are now all dead along with my hard drive. This is very serious, George please help me".

All of the above will sooner or later happen to you, if you do not use on a regular basis simple procedures so easy to follow and apply.

If you have been visiting this blog you know that there are so many free programs you can download and install on the spot, programs that if used on a regular schedule, will keep your computer in top operating shape and protected against most attacks, (fishing, spam, virus etc.).

If you are not a regular visitor, just check the archive list on the left column of the blog, where you can access every single one of the 160+ posts published since the blog was started.

In the next few days, I'll publish new posts addressing the above 5 problem categories. I will tell you how to avoid them or better still what to do if you find yourselves in such predictments.

Keep checking the blog, I promise you you'll enjoy what is comming and most of all you'll become better computer users and less frustated with your machine...

See you soon,

George Freire

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