Friday, August 20, 2010

15 Things Every PC User Should Know

This post is not new, however I was looking at older posts and thought that it might be very useful for those of you who did not read it:

From PCWorld comes very useful advice for you all computer users:

Do you know how to retrieve deleted files? When to click just once, as opposed to twice? Or the difference between a forward slash and a back slash? Those bits of critical knowledge are just three of the "15 Things Every PC User Should Know," as identified by PCWorld's How To guru Patrick Miller. Even if you're a longtime computer user, it should be worth your while to check in on Patrick's 15 PC gems. Who knows: There might just be a few goodies you're not taking advantage of.
--Editorial Director Steve Fox

Just click the following title below and enjoy:

15 Things Every PC User Should Know

George Freire

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