Sunday, January 24, 2010


From our friends at PC World, here is a useful simple program for you XP and Vista users:

The Windows Start menu is a mildly useful tool for running programs and accomplishing other tasks. But what if you want something more than merely a mildly useful tool? Then get this program, which despite its name works with both Vista and XP. It puts all of your programs and important folders within easy reach, so that you can launch them quickly. It also gives you fast access to turning off, rebooting, logging off, and switching users.

It's also customizable so that you can change the size of the menu, for example, as well as decide which power management buttons to display (Switch, Logout, Stand By, Reboot, Hibernate, and Turn Off). You can also have the power management buttons either at the top or bottom of the screen.

--Preston Gralla


Vista Start Menu was specifically designed to replace the often confusing menu in Windows XP and Windows Vista. For your convenience, the interface has been developed with human psychology taken into account. Solve tasks in a simpler and quicker way. Vista Start Menu offers many new features not available in the system Start menu. You can start a program or open a document in a couple of keystrokes, without having to take your hands away from the keyboard. Easy-to-use zooming allows those with large monitors and people with poor eyesight to work with comfort. If you have many programs, they will all fit onto the screen because you will be able to stretch the Start menu and resize it any way you like. Vista Start Menu supports tabs and each menu item can contain any number of them. Start searching the Internet or your local computer right from the Start menu with just one keystroke. Those who use the extended version will also be able to use the features of one-click launch and quick un-install. Start working with pleasure.

All you have to do to download this program copy and paste or click the following address:,61290-order,4-c,desktop/download.html

Enjoy it!

George Freire

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