Sunday, January 17, 2010


As you all know and experience, all versions of Windows, (including Windows7 although this version is somewhat faster), take forever to boot. The more programs you have installed the slower your computer becomes at startup, the reason being that many of these programs force Windows to run them immediately when you startup your computer.

Many weeks ago I mentioned in this blog a free utility application that can really help your computer startup much faster. It is called "STARTUP DELAYER". I don't know how many of you saw the post and took advantage of it. For those of you who did not, here goes:

What it does is simple:

First it shows you a list of all the programs that are started at the same time by Windows when you boot your computer, (a situation that creates a slow down, like 10 people trying to enter through the door at the same time).

Second, it gives you the power to select these programs and make them start not all at the same time, but spaced out in a time frame also selected by you. You do this by dragging each program in the list to a bottom white bar. For each program you drag down, you will see a line representing the application. Then by sliding the line to the left or right you can decrease or increase the time delay for the application to start. Very easy to do.

The end result is a much faster and smoother start-up of your computer. To give you an example, in my computer, I have 10 applications that otherwise would be started all at the same time. By using "Start Up Delayer" these apps are started spaced out 10 seconds one after the other. My computer now starts-up much faster that before.

"Startup Delay" is free and very easy to install. It also has a "help" button that explains in detail how the program works. It works with Windows XP, Vista and 7 !!!

I strongly advise you all to download it from:

Simply click the above address, or copy and paste to your browser; it takes only a minute or two to get it installed and going.

You'll be very happy with the results and your computer will startup much faster.

George Freire

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