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The following is a review, (concerning the launching of Windows 7 due tomorrow October 22nd, 2009), by Mr. David Goldman, a CNNMoney staff writer.
I am sure this review will be of great interest to you viewers who are planning to switch to the new OS Microsoft Corporation is presenting us with:

"Experts say Microsoft's new Windows 7, which debuts Oct. 22, will likely prompt computer users to make
their first upgrade in eight years.

By David Goldman, staff writer

October 21, 2009: 11:18 AM ET

NEW YORK ( -- Microsoft is banking on Windows 7 to breathe new life into a PC world where most computer users are running XP -- an operating system that was released in the early days of the Bush administration.

Experts expect that PC users will change their operating system for the first time in about eight years when Microsoft (MSFT, Fortune 500) launches Windows 7 on Oct. 22.

Microsoft's last operating system, Windows Vista, was a disaster when it was released in 2007. Vista was plagued by bugs, software incompatibilities, sluggishness and annoying security alerts. The episode nearly destroyed the tech giant's reputation with consumers.

"The stakes for Microsoft are astronomically high after the Vista debacle," said Scott Anthony, managing director of Innosight Ventures, a venture capital and consulting firm. "There is a lot of hunger for computing power around the world, and this release will be a real test for Microsoft."

Positive reviews for Windows 7 have been pouring in. Computer experts say that Windows 7 is good -- if not perfect -- and has a shot at eventually usurping XP as the world's most prevalent operating system.

Right now 71.5% of PCs are still running XP, according to OS market share tracker, while 18.6% of PCs are running Windows Vista.

"There was lots of negativity around Vista, and Microsoft lost a lot of goodwill with its customers," said Ken Allen, a portfolio manager at T. Rowe Price who manages a tech fund that includes Microsoft as one of its holdings.

Microsoft has aggressively been rolling out products and services (think Bing and Zune HD) to boost its sales, which have declined in the previous two quarters. Its third quarter ended March 31 marked the first time sales fell in Microsoft's 23-year history as a public company.

"The 'bad will' that Microsoft engendered could be reversed if Windows 7 is well received," said Allen.

It appears Microsoft is on the right road. Demand for new computers is starting to heat up again, and many users are looking for an operating system upgrade. Windows 7's release coincides with holiday season shopping. With the economy showing signs of recovery, consumers may be more willing to loosen their purse strings. "

Interesting isn't it?

About two months ago I ordered and pre-paid  copies of Windows 7 for my 2 computers, (which are running Windows Vista at the present time). In the process I saved a lot of money, paying only $49.00 per copy.  I surely hope that what Mr. Goldman predicts, will come true.

I am not one of those people, (there are many, many of them), who hate Windows Vista. I have had many  moments of frustation, however, I have learned how to live with Vista and how to overcome many of its irritating problems.

I published several posts in this blog addressing Windows 7 problems and how to overcome them, but frankly, I can't wait until  I install the new Windows version.

For those who still use Windows XP, (which in many aspects is a better product than Windows Vista), be aware that the rumor is that Microsoft will completely drop any security upgrades and support, within one year for this OS.

I am sorry they are going to do this. My wife's computer runs on Windows XP; it is faster than mine and does not give me any irritating problems...

Let me know how many of you will be changing to Windows 7.

Good Luck,

George Freire

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