Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How to Troubleshoot Your PC

Today we'll give you another link to another PCWorld article that we can classify as a continuation of our latest post of May 7, "The Greatest PC Mysteries Solved".

This time they tackle PC problems such as:

-My Computer Takes Minutes to Respond When I Click Something

-During Shutdown, a Message Appears That Says 'Other People Are Logged On to This Computer'

-Beep Codes Sound While My System Is Booting Up

-My System Won't Start at All, and Pressing the Power Button Has No Effect

-My Monitor Has Color Issues or Suddenly Goes Blank (No Display)

-My System Randomly Restarts Without a Crash or a Blue Screen

-My Keyboard Isn't Working--Nothing I Type Comes Up on the Screen

-My Computer Is Trapped in a Cycle of Continual Reboots, With Constant Blue Screens

And many more that you'll appreciate by clicking the following link:

I love PCWorld for all the good stuff they come up with. They have by far the best tech writers in the business.

I get almost daily technical emails from them and of course I have been a PCWorld  subscriber for many years. Some of you might want to check how to subscribe to this wonderful magazine. It only costs about $25.00 per year vs. the cover price of $84.00 if you had to buy the 12 monthly issues separately. If you are interested, just go to and check it out.

I am making this recommendation out of self appreciation for this magazine, nothing else.

George Freire

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