Monday, May 7, 2012

The Greatest PC Mysteries--Solved!

Today I'm giving you a link to a PCWorld's page that I am sure all of you will enjoy.

On this page you will see how PCWorld's editors banded together to solve the greatest PC mysteries.

You'll find answers to many questions such as:

Why is [Program X] always running when I start my PC?

Why does my PC keep making a grinding sound?

Why do I need administrator access to delete certain files?

Does it matter whether I 'safely remove' devices?

Where did my downloaded files go? Why can't I find them?

My Recycle Bin has disappeared. How do I restore it?

Why do Adobe Reader and Java update so frequently? Do I have to allow it?

And many many more issues, all of them with further links for clear explanation of each one.

The link is:

I assure you this web page is fascinating especially for those of you who like to explore and understand the intricacies of Windows.

Have fun.

George Freire

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