Monday, February 13, 2012

5,000 Visitors!!

I opened up my blog this morning and noticed that during this week-end the number of visitors reached 5,000.

Just a word of thanks to you all for your continued interest and loyalty.

I have however one request to make to you all: PARTICIPATION.

Please participate by writing comments, by telling us about your computer problems, how you solved them or if you were not able to, ask us for advice.

This blog would be a lot more interesting and helpful if some of you would participate. Don't be shy, tell us stories and experiences, (I am sure many of you must have lots of interesting experiences that happened along the years you have been working with computers).

As for me, I'll try to keep bringing good material and advice to this blog, but PLEASE think about it and do PARTICIPATE !!!

George Freire


Luís Graça said...

Congratulations, George!... We need to know better your very useful and friendly blog! Luis Graça & Camaradas da Guine

George Freire said...

Thank you, obrigado caro Luis.

Please ask our camarigas to visit this blog.

Um abraco,


Santos Oliveira said...


Atrasado (como quase sempre) mas presente na manifestação dos merecidos Parabéns.

Santos Oliveira