Thursday, February 11, 2010


I received an e-mail from a dear good friend concerning the development of the International Space Station since its very beginning just about 12 years ago.

It is absolutely fascinating to see how it developed from the day the first module was in place.

In his e-mail he says:

Watch the pieces come together as they are sent up from Earth. This is the International Space Station (ISS) Assembly diagram, piece by piece. I had no idea the Space Station had grown to this size. This is really cool.......

In order to actually see the development of the Station along the last 12 years just click on the following address

You all will enjoy it, I guarantee!

Have fun,

George Freire

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Santos Oliveira said...

Tão belo e complexo quanto a "construção" da personalidade de um Homem!
...É só saber olhar!