Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Dear Readers,

Back in September 2009 I published a post about the fast help and fixing solutions offered by the "Microsoft Solutions Center".

I know, I know that a lot of you read it, visited this Web page, saw how interesting it was and then.... never used it.

I have had many calls from friends who read my blog and other people who don't, who call me for help and support with their computer problems. Many of these problems can be solved easily by going to this great site, "Microsoft Solutions Center".

Therefore, I decided to republish the post again.(Please make sure you save the address in your "Favorites" so that you can access it fast whenever you need it) Here goes:

We all from time to time have problems related to Microsoft Products, such as :

Internet Explorer
Email and Messaging
Windows Media Player
Windows Media Center

Such problems may be pretty simple to correct, but many times, such problems can be exasperating because
"Windows" is a very sophisticated program with thousands os hidden files that only those who are true experts can see and somehow debug them.

Some of you may not know that Microsoft has a web site that is extremely helpful and can help you correct such problems.

The site is called as the title above indicates "FIX IT SOLUTIONS CENTER".

The site address is

If you click the above address you'll be immediately be "transported" to this site. Once there, first select the "About Fix It" on the left side tab of the page in order to understand how it works.

After that, select the product you are having problems with, (which are all described on that same tab). When you do so, the right side of the page opens up and shows a series of most likely problems that can occur with the product.

If you see in any of the described problems areas common with your problem or problems, click on it and a new page opens. In this page you'll see the steps you need to take in order to solve the problem, BUT EVEN BETTER, you are asked if you want the "Fix It Solutions Center" program to do it automatically for you!!

If you click yes, (and who wouldn't...), like magic the "Fix It Solutions Center" will do it for you.

One word of advice here: You must follow a few instructions, and click here and there for the solution program to run.

Even if you are not experiencing any problems now, I suggest, (just for the sake of familiarizing yourself with "Fix It Solutions Center"), that you go to the site and read the instructions.

I hope this will be, (for those who did not know about it), a great tip that will help you solve many problems that sooner or later you'll be faced with when operating your computer.

George Freire

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