Thursday, December 31, 2009


Happy New Year to you all friends and readers of this Blog!

I have another "goodie app" from our favorite tech writer Mr. Rick Broider at PC World. This is a nice program that soon you will find indispensable in your daily routine relationship with your computer and a good New Year little gift to you all.

Mr. Broider's comments on this app follow:

"Tired of typing the same words, signatures, phrases, and even paragraphs over and over? What you need is a program that automatically inserts text when you type an abbreviation or hit a hotkey.

PhraseExpress is one such program, and it's my favorite for several reasons. For starters, it expands typed abbreviations into complete phrases. You could type, say, "fwiw," and PhraseExpress would instantly insert "for what it's worth." Or "sig" to insert a custom signature (complete with images and/or HTML code) at the end of e-mails.

This capability works in any program (word processor, e-mail client, blog tool, etc.), and PhraseExpress can even scan your documents and e-mails to find frequently used text to add to its auto-complete list. (It can import existing AutoCorrect entries from Word, too.) Of course, you can define your own entries as well.

The program also includes a global spell-check feature and a clipboard history tool, which stores all recent clipboard entries, not just the most recent one.

Needless to say, it's a killer app, one you'll quickly come to find indispensable.

Note: This program is free for personal use. For business use, you must register the paid version.

--Rick Broida"

I have downloaded this program, and find it fascinating and very helpful.

If you want to try it out, (and it is absolutely free !), go to:,65010-order,4-c,desktop/download.html

Click the above and you will go directly to the page where it can be downloaded. If for any reason it does not take you to the web page, just copy and past this address to your browser. I hope you'll enjoy it.

For 2010, I will try, whenever possible, to have new posts at least a minimum of once a week, therefore if you will go to the Blog every week-end you'll find them.

I also wish that those of you who have questions, experience computer problems, have good ideas, have come up with solutions etc. etc. will come forward and publish your comments. It is very easy, just click the "comments" tab at the end of each post and write whatever you think will be interesting! I promise that I will answer every one of your comments.

It has been a little over a year since I started this Blog. As of today we have had 1,856 visitor hits which comes to an average of 5 per day. I'll try my best to make the Blog even more interesting and hopefully double the number of visitors for 2010!

Again thanks for your interest and readership. This is for me a great way to keep myself busy and in good spirits. I am totally retired and this Blog keeps me from getting older and bored of doing nothing!

Happy New Year again and good health for you all.

George Freire

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Santos Oliveira said...

Também para ti, Caro George. Que tenhas um óptimo Ano Novo.