Wednesday, December 16, 2009


As you know I'm always looking for good free software utilities. I receive a lot of tips from my friends at PC World, (for me the best computer technical magazine on the market).

Today they have sent me an e-mail concerning an interesting free utility that can be quite useful and simple to use for fixing "on the spot" a number of annoying problems which once in a while frustrate all of us who use computers frequently.

The name of this utility program is "FixWin". Mr. Rick Broider one of the best tech writers at PC World tells us the following:

"Have you ever longed for a quick Windows fix? Fix Common Windows Problems with One Click?

Have you ever wished for a magic wand that could make annoying Windows problems disappear? Like, say, a missing Recycle Bin icon, or those pesky Runtime Error messages in Internet Explorer ?

FixWin is that magic wand. This ingenious free utility requires just over 500KB of space, runs without installation, and quickly fixes 50 different Windows glitches--many of which would normally require a trip to the Registry. These are divided among five categories, including Windows Explorer, Internet & Connectivity, and System Tools.

Each problem is presented with a brief but thorough description. Here's an example: "CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs." (Been there!) To fix a problem, just click the corresponding Fix button.

It really is that simple. And before you get started, FixWin can scan your machine for--and fix--corrupted system files. It also allows you to create a System Restore point before making any changes, a smart addition.

Certainly FixWin won't solve all your Windows issues, but if it can correct just one, it's well worth the download."

In order to download this program go to:,82272-order,3/description.html

(copy and paste the above address to your browser if clicking the above does not work)

The editorial review of the program is as follows:

"Looking for a fix to a simple problem in Windows Vista or Windows 7? FixWin offers one-click solutions to dozens of Windows problems. Run the program and look through its menu for a description of your woe. When you find it, click a button, and your problem should be fixed. I used it to restore my Internet Explorer icon, for example, and it worked without a hitch.

FixWin doesn't actually look into your system and uncover problems. Instead, it lists several dozen potential problems in five categories: Windows Explorer, Internet & Connectivity, Windows Media, System Tools, and Additional Fixes. It lists all the problems you might have, not ones that it knows that you do have. So, for example, it lists "The Recycle Bin icon is missing from your desktop," even if the icon is there. You have to know you have a problem, and then use this program to fix it. It won't uncover problems for you.

Should you download the program? If Windows is working fine, there's no need to do it, because it won't do anything for you. But if you know that you have a problem, FixWin is worth the little download, in case it can fix it for you.

--Preston Gralla"

I have downloaded the program and I think and recommend that you do it to. Even if you have no problems now, it is well worth having it available.

George Freire

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