Friday, September 12, 2014

Most common and terrifying computer problems

It's been a long Summer and to tell you the truth I have been very lazy writing posts, in spite of the fact that I have had so many friends and other people asking for help in solving their computer problems.

Here are the most common "help me George" issues I have been asked and in most cases been able to help those who called me:

Malicious malware
Slow computer
Takes forever to boot
Bad internet connection
Hard drive failure
Power supply failure
DVD drive failure, or non recognition
Lock ups or freezes
Software program stops
Strange noises and overheating
Loss of contacts list
Missing DLL files
Registry errors

Today, I am not going to discuss any of these, (have a bunch of other stuff to take care off), but I promise that within the next few days, I'll touch most of the issues above and how I helped the folks in trouble.

Please be patient, but if you have any of those problems affecting you, please email me immediately and I will get to you prompt.

George Freire

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