Friday, April 5, 2013


Dear readers, this jewel small piece of free software, requires no installation and all you have to do is click the icon it places in your desktop.

It will look in your computer for product keys which are necessary for installation of many programs and of course, the most important one of them all, the Windows Product Key. As you know, Windows requires a unique long product key for installation and re-installation if you ever need to do it. The same applies to many other programs.

These product keys are all unique and normally a very very long series of digits and letters, impossible to remember, unless you write them down and keep them in a safe place. If Murphy's law is correct, sooner or later you forget where this list of important product keys is located or you simply will lose it.

Enter Enchanted Keyfinder: it will track all your  product keys for all the programs in your computer.

It  retrieves the product keys from your registry and shows them in an open window all categorized per programs that require these keys.

The program is easy to download and after the download all you have to do is extract it to your computer. No installation is required. It places an icon in your desk top and to run the program, just click the icon.

To download, just click the following link:

I have it now in my computer and it is great. It shows me all the product keys, programs serial #'s and other pertinent information.

The program open window has two columns. The column on the left shows all the programs that have product keys. If you click each program one by one, the respective product key and other information will immediately show on the right column.

If you click "file" in the tool bar, you can then select "print" or "save as" so that you can have a printed record of all the programs keys or save them under documents.

I hope you'll enjoy this useful little gem of software.

George Freire

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