Wednesday, February 13, 2013

From PCWorld: Anatomy of a PC Crash, 7 scenarios and how to avoid them

I received an e-mail from PCWorld, (I get them all the time), which addresses one of the most frustrating and annoying problems that can happen to you when working with your computer:

First there's a little stutter. Next a program hangs, and a funny noise creeps from your machine. Then that familiar blue screen slaps you in the face. Your computer just crashed, and all you can do is sit in the awkward silence of a restart, and hope it wasn't fatal.
There are many possible causes for these hellish episodes, and it's important to be educated on the whys and hows of PC crashes to prevent them in the future. After all, the next crash could be your PC's last. Following is a rundown of seven common causes and solutions.

Click the following link or copy/paste to your browser. You will be told how this happens, what may cause the problem and how to correct  it:

You'll find it interesting to say the least.

George Freire

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