Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Today I was talking to a good friend who follows my blog on a regular basis and asked him if he had any suggestions for the improvement of the blog and how to make it more interesting to everybody.

Among other things, he said the following: "George, why don't you print our a complete collection of all the posts published from the very beginning of your blog and make it available to everybody?, there is a lot of useful information to all of us who use computers and I'll bet a lot of your followers would love to have it".

I thought about it and checked how many posts have been published since December 2008: the total is 255.

Well, I said to myself, this might be a good idea, however it will take a lot of doing to put together such a package, perhaps in a form of a booklet or something else.

In order to do it I will have to know how many of you would like the idea and therefore how many booklets I would have to print.

I have no idea of how much such a project would cost in print form, and I don't know how much per copy, plus the trouble and cost of of shipping to readers in many different countries who follow us.

Another idea struck me, why not make it available in a download book format that you guys could then print or keep in your computer ? Then the cost would be not much, perhaps $5.00 to $10.00 per download or even  less depending on how many would like to do it.

If you readers, from all the countries who follow my blog, think this is a good idea, please let me know. I need to find out how many would be interested and whether it would be worth the effort.

Please let me know what you think.

Thanks for your input,

George Freire


SOL da Esteva said...


Eu não sou muito entendido em informática,(embora dela dependa o meu Blogue) mas vou "repassando" as ideias que vais disponibilizando.
A quem passo os teus Links, recebo ecos de que os assuntos são de muita valia.
Eles vão-te visitando, sempre que possível, e já tem acontecido, melhorarem a sua assistência que, graciosa e espontâneamente, me prestam.
Logo, sou um dos beneficiários daquilo que nos vais ensinando e disponibilizando.Estou certo que era um bom Serviço.
Desejo-te os maiores êxitos.


SOL da Esteva

George Freire said...

Obrigado pelos desejos de bons êxitos.

George Freire

Luis Nabais said...

Tem sido de muita utilidade o teu blog!Alguns problemas tenho resolvido com a preciosa ajuda!
Abraço e BOM NATAL
Luis Nabais

George Freire said...

Caro Luis,

Obrigado pelas tuas amaiveis palavras.

Um braço e BOM NATAL tambem para ti e para os teus.

George Freire