Monday, October 8, 2012

How to Fix Your Wi-Fi Network

If you have a Wi-Fi network at home or at the office, (most of us do), I am sure you have experienced  problems that all of a sudden, unexpectedly leave you scratching your head.

Wireless Internet networks afford us the luxury of browsing the Web cable-free, but a connection that relies on radio waves is subject to failure due to interference, signal range limits, hardware problems, and operator error.

PCWorld published sometime ago a very useful article that addresses this problem and help you deal with it rather easily.

The following link will tale you to this PCWorld page; either click on it and if it does not work, copy and paste to your browser:

I hope it will help many of you.

George Freire

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Santos Oliveira said...

Boa dica George.
Eu efectuava essa "operação" sem ter consciência de tal. Apenas desligava e voltava depois. Na verdade, é a mesma acção feita de modo inconsciente.


Santos Oliveira