Monday, July 16, 2012

Why some times, when dragging a window, only its rectangular border moves first?

I don't know about how you feel when dragging a window in your desktop from one place to another, only the window rectangular border bold line moves first to the new position. Then and only then the remainder of the window follows.

This drives me nuts, because it happens for no reason, but most times after some new program has been installed etc.

"Windows" is capricious and stuff like this just happens when you least expect. There are so many hidden features, commands, strange responses, (and the list goes on), that it is impossible for most of us to know how to handle such issues.

This issue happened in my main computer last week. I honestly do not know what caused it. I decided to investigate and after a couple of hours of hard tryouts and sniffing all kinds of help issues I found out a solution.

Here is what will get your computer to handle the dragging of  a whole window, without moving the rectangular border bold line first:

-Open the "Start" menu and type "effects" into the bottom box.

-Choose "Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows" .

-In the "Performance Options" open window, select the "Visual Effects" tab.

-Go down the list of options in the box and MAKE SURE THAT THE OPTION : "Show Windows  content while dragging" is turned on.

-Check "Apply" and "OK".

Next time you drag a window, everything will be back to normal!.

Have fun.

George Freire


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Santos Oliveira said...

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Santos Oliveira

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