Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Most computers come now with SD flash drives readers so that you can plug in your camera SD drives directly to the computer and transfer your pictures.

Somehow all of a sudden these readers do not show at all in your Windows Explorer under "Computer",  the end result being, you are not able to see the content of your SD drives.

Do not ask me why this happens, I really do not know. Windows will many times perform in strange ways that are difficult to understand.

A friend of mine called me last Sunday for help: "George I cannot check my camera's SD chip in my new computer SD reader. I've tried everything to no result".

I happen to know some little secrets about Windows strange surprises such as this one, because I have helped other people with the same problem. How do i know this? well it is simple to explain, I do a lot of investigation on the internet , forums etc. when I don't know the answer to a problem; I keep doing it until I find the answer.

If you have a problem with your SD reader such as the above do the following:

Click "Start", go to Control Panel and select the "Appearance and Personalization" title.

Now select "Folder Options" sub title.

On the "Folder Options" box click the "View" tab.

Scroll down until you see the option " Hide empty drives in the computer folder".

Uncheck the small square box on the left of this option.

Click "apply" and then "OK".

And voila ! now your SD reader is back in business.

George Freire


Santos Oliveira said...

Caro George

Uma boa dica. Já me aconteceu e fiquei desagradavelmente surpreendido. Retirei a Memória e voltei a introduzi-la e voltou tudo ao normal; quero dizer, voltou a ler o Volume.
Obrigado, Amigo.

Abraços, do
Santos Oliveira

George Freire said...

Caro amigo,

Glad this was of help.


George Freire

Melissa D said...

Thanks for helping the numerous to get their SD Readers live. This is the best solution one came across.

Daniel@mcitp training said...

thank you it was really helpful.

George Freire said...

Melissa and Daniel,

Appreciate your comments. I hope this post helped a lot of my readers the same way it helped you two.

George Freire

cisco test said...

thanks George Freire...
I was unable to see the content of my SD drives. Then i followed what you said ..and it work out for me...its awsome...thank you very much..

George Freire said...

Thanks for your nice comment.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions for any other problems you may have

George Freire

ccna security exam said...

Hey Thanks George u solved my problem...