Sunday, May 1, 2011


After several months of testing the new IE9 by Microsoft Corporation is here in its final form.

The new Web browser features a lot of interesting new tools such as taskbar shortcuts and dynamic jumplists, extensive HTML 5 support, hardware acceleration for improved graphics performance, and has a streamlined interface that puts more focus on the Web page and less on the browser window. Before you get started, here are a few quick tips to get you up and running with the best features IE9 has to offer.

If you want to check it out and eventually download and install this much improved version of the browser, go to the following address at PCWorld and enjoy!:

Just click the above link, that's all

George Freire


Online computer tech support said...

I think Microsoft deserve to have a second change after Google defeated them in battle of browser. I hope that IE 9 will make an impact and create a way for Microsoft to be back in browser business.

George Freire said...

I agree.

George Freire

PC tech support said...

It was a long time since I've used IE. With the kind of work that I have right now, Firefox is the most convenient for me. If the new look and upgrades can compete with Firefox then, why not. After all there's always room for improvement.

online pc repair said...

One of the biggest advantage of Internet Explorer 9 over other Internet Explorer version is the support for HTML5! This feature has been widely advertised by Microsoft. HTML5 lets you play video and sound without the need of another plugin or software (like Adobe Flash player). It also allow you to do other things including play cool games without the need of flash.

Software Support said...

Internet Explorer 9 gives internet users a cleaner web browsing experience. Tabs, buttons and other items are all moved into one row instead of cluttered all over the screen.