Monday, February 28, 2011

Problems With Gmail Operation

I got an email from my friend Luis Nabais in Portugal concerning slow operation with his gmail account, which I quote:

"Dear George,

I have a problem with gmail that is hard for me to understand or resolve and as far as I know, there are other people experiencing the same.

I can open the program without any difficulty and it works well when I download files, (1.5 MB or larger), but as time goes by, the process becomes slower and slower to a point of exasperation...

When writing a message, letters and characters do not show up for a while, then they all come up at once.

I've heard that the problem is caused by the gmail server. I have tried everything from cleaning web history, cookies etc. to no avail.

I have contacted gmail and they say that is a problem with maintenance etc.

The fact is the problem continues and I don't know what to do.

Can you help George? "

I answered as follows:

"Dear Luis,

First of all, what is the browser you normally use? IE, Fire Fox, Google Chrome???

If you use IE what version? if not version 8, update to it.

Also try to open the gmail account with other browsers and see if this improves the situation.

If you still continue with the same problem try the following website which most likely will be able to help:

I cannot assure of success but possibly all of the above will help.

I searched similar problems for gmail on the web and there is no doubt that they have received complaints about this.

Hope this will be of help

George "

If any of you readers experience the same annoyances with gmail, you may want to try the possible solutions above.

George Freire

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