Tuesday, November 24, 2009


If you are not familiar with this web site "THE WINDOWS CLUB", you must visit it:

This site has almost infinite good info, such as new features, tips, security matters, free downloads related to both Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Today, (as an example of the good stuff that can be found in this web site), I am going to tell you about a short but very, very useful program I have downloaded in my computers, called "Windows Access Panel". This program has been recommended by our friends at PC World. Rather then trying to explain what it does, I am going to transcribe the editorial review:

"Windows Access Panel is a free, moderately useful program that can make it easier for you to change Windows settings that you otherwise wouldn't know how to alter. It doesn't actually give you any tools or access to settings that aren't otherwise available in Windows. Rather, it gives you one-click access to settings that normally require several clicks to reach. Instead of having to navigate your way through the Control Panel, or dig deep into menus, you can quickly get right to the setting you want.

For example, to change your User Account Control settings in Vista or 7, you usually have to go through the Control Panel and click several different screens until you get to the settings themselves. It's easy to get lost along the way. With Windows Access Panel, you can get there with one click. The program offers similar one-click access to dozens of other settings. Want to launch a memory diagnostics tool, schedule a task to run automatically, create a repair disk, or monitor your PC's performance? On your own, you likely won't immediately know how to get to the screens that will let you do those things. With Windows Access Panel, you can get to them right away.

If you're comfortable with finding Windows settings on your own, there's no need to download Windows Access Panel. But if you often wish you knew how to navigate to specific settings, you'll find it useful. And if you're looking to make the jump from Windows XP to Windows 7, it might be a good starting point for finding out the locations of useful settings.

--Preston Gralla "

In order to download the program go to:,81837-order,4-c,desktop/download.html

As i mentioned above I have this program now in my computers. It is indeed a great tool because if I want to go to any of the many features and tools available in Windows, all I have to do is click the icon related to it, without having to go through all the many "clicks" that otherwise would be needed. Presto I'm on it!

When opened, the panel has two screens, "Basic and Advanced features" in total 48 features and tools including quite a few I did not even know existed!

Try it and I am sure you all will love it.

George Freire

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