Thursday, September 17, 2009

How To Squeeze A Toner Cartridge To The End And Be Able To Print A Lot More Pages

My friends,

This comes from my personal experience. I am talking about those expensive toner cartridges used mostly in laser printers. It does not matter which brand of printer we are talking about, be it HP, Brother, Canon etc., etc.

If you have the proper software for your laser printer completely installed in your computer, when the toner in the cartridge is near the end, some kind of a "Pop-Up" window will show up to tell you that it is time to replace the toner cartridge.

At $70.00 or more a pop for these cartridges, if you do a lot of printing, it can be quite expensive. Here is a little secret that I found out by asking myself : "is this cartridge finished or is there still some life in it?".

So, I pulled out the toner cartridge from my Brother laser printer DCP-7040, shook it out side ways a few times and re-installed it.

Guess what? I have since then printed more than another 100 pages and the "Pop-Up" window telling me to replace the cartridge has not made its presence yet...

Sure enough I have a new cartridge readily available, but in the mean time I'm still using the old cartridge and saving money.

This will work with other laser printers too, the reason being that by default (in order to make a fast profit), when the toner powder reaches a certain low level, the software is set up to tell you to replace it.

Of course the printer manufacturers make most of their money by selling us toner and ink cartridges at extremely bloated prices and they want you to replace them as often as possible.

Next time your laser printer tells you that the toner cartridge needs replacement, try this trick and you'll see that there are still many more pages that can be printed with the old cartridge.

You see? I just saved you a bunch of money.

George Freire

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Anonymous said...

This really works. Thanks for the advice.