Thursday, June 25, 2009

Windows 7 coming this Fall

Windows 7 is already here and a beta try our version is already installed in thousands of computers. Reviews are generally good.
I have not experienced this new upgrade of Windows, but I have read a lot about it.
There are many new features, some very good, some not so good, but overall, within a year I'll bet that most people will switch. I believe that new computers sold after September/October will come with the new Windows 7 version.

Here is some "good stuff" from W7 that will be available, but that you can now install and use with your version of W Vista. (This info as usual comes from our friends at PC World:

"Windows 7 has an excellent taskbar feature: When you mouse over a taskbar icon, you get a pop-up thumbnail preview of the corresponding program (if it's running, that is). And if you're running multiple instances of a program--such as Internet Explorer--you'll see multiple thumbnails. To get the same effect in Vista only, install EnhanceMyVista Free. After starting the program, click Customization, Taskbar, and then enable Iconize your Taskbar. EnhanceMyVista is an easy to use yet advanced enhancing, optimizing and tweaking tool for Windows Vista. With a clean and simple interface it brings you an All-in-One set of powerful and neatly classified tools, settings and tweaks. As a bonus there are some unique and uncommon options too. Being permanently in development it is the best choice in its category.

--Rick Broida

To download this nice feature go to:,78521/description.html?tk=nl_ddx_h_dlfeat

Just copy and paste the above address in your browser and you are there.


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