Sunday, May 24, 2009


Today I have three downloads for screen savers that will thrill just about anybody; just copy and paste the addresses that follow to your browser or just click them and you are in business. As always our thanks to PC WORLD for the information supplied.


Take your mind to the heavens every time your computer is left idle. The Hubble Images Screen Saver displays images of nebulae and celestial bodies, captured by the world-famous telescope.

There's no other information concerning the images than the names, so if you wish to learn more about spacey sights with names like "Eta Carinae" or "NGC-3603," you'll have to look elsewhere. But the full-screen NASA photographs will jettison you to places far removed from this mudane, terrestrial existence.

Options include setting the delay between images, image size, and transition effects. The software also includes a screen-saver utility.,4327-order,4-c,screensavers/download.html


Do you ever wish that the computer graphics in recent science-fiction TV shows had more air time? With the Star Trek: Voyager Screensaver, you can watch a 3D rendition of the beloved ship as it soars through the galaxy.
Stars fly past at different speeds, and the perspective changes, so you can examine the bottom and sides of the ship (pointing out every flaw in the design, if you like). At intervals that you choose, watch the ship warp into hyperspace. You can also change the number of background stars, the length of the warp lines, and more.,3691-order,4-c,screensavers/download.html


It goes without saying that you'd rather be exploring the mysterious depths of the ocean than staring at a computer screen. OceanDive plunges you into the ocean without risk or costly equipment. Immerse yourself in this 3D environment at nine different "cameras" in the screensaver.
This screen saver will let you get your toes wet (metaphorically), but there are greater depths to discover. When you register OceanDive, you'll receive a free ocean game and new screen saver scenes.,30083-order,4/description.html

You all have fun with the above.

George Freire

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