Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'll be away for a couple of weeks...

Friends, I'll be away for a short two week vacation from April 29 to May 15.

In order to give you some interesting stuff to experiment with, and... submerge yourselves in better computer opperating knowledge..., starting today and in the days to come until next Tuesday, I'll post a bunch of good information, which I hope you all will enjoy.

Thanks for your support in keeping this Blog going. Since its inception in December 2008, I have had over 600 visitors. Thank you, for if I did not have visitors like you, I would just close the Blog down and entertain myself with something else.

For your information, it takes a lot of work investigating, reading and composing, in order to bring you all this stuff. I have nothing to gain but my own satisfaction for bringing good and enjoyable reading for you computer users.

I would hope that once in a while some of you would just post some comments, whatever they may be. It is easy, just click "comments" and take it from there.

Thanks again,

George Freire

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