Saturday, February 21, 2009


This information came to us from secure sources:

"Magnetic Key Cards" used today in most hotels as a safe way to open the door of your room and protect intrusion by strangers, contain a lot of information that can be dangerous to your personal identity security.

Here is the information these "Keys" store about you:

1- Your name
2- Your address, as supplied by you
3-Hotel room #
4-Date for your check-in and check-out
5- Your credit card # and date of expiration

When you check-out, if you leave the "Key Card" with the reception, it will normally be thrown in a drawer and all the above information will be available to any unscrupulous employee with access to the hotel scanner or even a personal scanner they may keep at home for that purpose.

In most cases, this information will be available to anybody, until a new guest checks-in and the "Magnetic Key Card" is overwritten with new information.

Until this happens, your personal information can be stolen and used to spend your money using your credit card # and all the info the thief has available on you.

Our recommendation is simple:

Never leave your "Magnetic Key Card" with the reception when you check-out; take it with you and then destroy it. Do not throw it in the trash when you get to the airport either!

It is against the law for hotels to charge you for not returning the "Magnetic Key Card", therefore it is up to you to secure your identity.

Keep yourself safe from identity theft.

George Freire

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