Monday, December 8, 2008


If you want to post a question, a comment, add suggestions, or even transcribe or copy ,(if allowed by the source), articles of interest, do the following:

Click "Links to this Post" below; a new screen opens.

On this screen click "Post a Comment".

A new screen opens; write your question, comment etc. in the space under "Leave your comment".

After you done with your writing, go further down in the screen and click either "Preview" to check your post or click "Publish your Comment" for it to show on the Blog. That's it !

George Freire


Isabel Freire said...

This will come in handy, as soon as I have a computer issue, I will post it here.

Anonymous said...


Isabel Freire said...

Hi Dad, I bet a Google Group would work better for this type of thing. You can set those up thru google. Just search for google groups.

Jane said...

I have a question. On my desktop, I cannot get on line. I have called AOL and discussed(several hours, I might add)to be told it is something wrong with the computer not AOL. When I dial, the ringing sounds odd, not like the typical dialing sound. It never connects. Any ideas? Jane
Use my aol account to respond. Thanks

Jim Kruse said...

George, After watching you call your cousin in Lisboa via Skype, Susan and I bought each of our kids a logitech webcam (quickcam version 11.5). I attempted to load the software on my daughter's Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop (I am unsure which Intel Core 2 Duo processor it has. It is loaded with the the 32 bit Vista OS). A window popped up saying "Internal Error 2738" I logged on to Logitech's support site and downloaded the most current version of the setup software and ran it with the same result. Any suggestions? Should I try to restore the computer to an earlier configuration? Contact Dell (it is still under Warranty)? any other ideas? Thanks and happy new year!!!